Make Money With Classified Ads

ebaycTHE biggest problem most affiliates face is how to get people to view their products so they can make sales and collect commissions. This is often called the no traffic syndrome. To conquer this you can simply market your affiliate products with classified ads. Their are many sites where you can do this, such as Craigslist which has a lot of website traffic on a daily basis. However, the problem with Craigslist is the stiff competition and the fact that your ad is only one among millions. There is a better way to make money with classifieds.

To make a lot of money with classified ads you need to start by advertising using eBay classified ads. This is great way to do it because eBay has little competition with classified ads. They make your listing stand out, and get you a large amount of visitors for a minimal investment. Just think what you could do if you posted 100 ads each month!

There is no question that eBay is the best place to post classified ads, because people on eBay usually have their credit card in hand ready to buy a product, which means your conversion rates will go through the roof!