eBay Classifieds

So you are looking for a way to market your affiliate products. My experience is that most affiliates either start out with article marketing, seo, or ppc, and get frustrated quite quickly. This leads to many people giving up and never realizing there dream of creating a full time income from home through affiliate marketing. It does not have to be this way! If you learn that classified ads make money, but not just any classified ads, eBay classified ads!

So what makes an eBay classified ad so great? Well for starters you get exposure on one of the most prominent websites on the internet for just $9.95 for a 30 day period. During this time your ad will likely attract at least 100 and quite possibly over 400 visitors.

While the traffic from just one ad is great, it only gets better. You see people on eBay are generally looking to buy something to solve a problem. All you have to do is find a product over at clickbank.com that solves that problem. You create what is called your hop link or affiliate link and you are in business.

At this point you create the classified ad, with a sales page centered around a certain product. The best method is to take small portions of the sales page provided by clickbank and then get people to click on your affiliate link.

Since eBay is a buyers market, you will have a conversion rate around 5%, which is much higher than the industry standard of just 1%. So, it is very reasonable that one ad that cost you just $9.95 could easily make you well over $100 in commissions!

I hope by this point you are seeing the power of eBay classified ads. You simply find a product, create an ad, and watch the money come rolling into your clickbank account. It really is a pretty simple, yet effective business model.