eBay Classified Ads Can Make You $5,000 a Month

Making money listing eBay products is not difficult, it only takes around 15 minutes and can be extremely profitable. So how much can you make?

On average each classified ad you place on eBay will bring in around $60-$80 a month in profits. So if you place 100 classified ads on eBay promoting a variety of Clickbank products you can easily take home over $5,000 a month for probably a total of 40 hours of work for the entire month!

eBay is one of the most popular alternatives for people looking to make money online. The possibilities that exist with eBay are endless, you can literally sell almost anything and make a great living doing so. When making money listing eBay products, which are the best products to sell? After all you do not want to sell items that are difficult to ship or do not pay very well, so what do you do?

While I have sold numerous items on eBay from baseball cards to golf clubs, I can say that my top money maker was digital goods. By this I mean that selling information products such as ebooks can be highly profitable. In addition to being profitable selling ebooks involves little startup costs, as you can become an affiliate for Clickbank or some other affiliate network.

This is the most solid business plan I have found when looking to make money online. It really boils down to a few simple steps:

First off, you must create an eBay classified ad because you cannot list digital products such as ebooks under normal auction format. eBay classified ads were created for this purpose, so people could still profit from selling in demand information products.

Some popular selling info products are dog training products, language learning software, golf guides, and things of that nature. Really anything that someone has compiled to sell as an ebook can make you a serious income from eBay classified ads.