Quick Steps on How to Write Money Making Ads

Grasping the fundamentals for writing a classified ad, affiliates, and moving on from there and experimenting with what works best for your product, service and niche that you’re in, takes a bit of time practice and monitoring. With the 7 quick steps below however, this will give you an excellent head start.

Quick Step 1: Stand Out Headline!

Your headline for your classified add, must grab the attention of your target market. It needs to be clear and concise, so that your customer knows right away in the first few words, that this is a product that is going to change their lives and they must pay attention! The best headlines to use are, headlines that describe a benefit. Always put your best benefit in the headline as this is your one and only shot to get their attention.

Quick Step 2: Irresistible Offer!

Once you’ve got the attention of you customer, you need to make getting your product and or service easy. You need to work on their emotions, as this is how 99% of the time people buy. Once you’ve got them “hooked” so to speak, make access to your product simple, fast and easy. Such as 24/7 ordering on your website, fast delivery, you can also offer, money back guarantee or free trials as part of your irresistible offer.

Quick Step 3: Your Contact Information!

Make it simple for your customer to see how they need to get your product or service, either by ordering on your website or an affiliate website, or if they need to email you or phone you direct. Always ensure you put on your correct contact information. Respond immediately. Never leave your customer waiting.

Quick Step 4: Use Words That Sell!

Classified Adds only use words, so make each word count. They need to scream out a benefit to your customer. Use words that provoke action, to make them take action now! Check each and every word in your classified add and see if it inspires your customer to go to the next step to click on your link or call you or place an order. Take out any redundant words and replace them with emotive words.

Quick Step 5: Leave Them Wanting More!

Our classified add, as we now know needs to grab the emotional side of our customer, and its that emotion that we need to drive in our customer to want more. More of the promise that your product is going to give them if only they try it. The secret is, understanding what your customer wants in your niche, and how you can give them that desire to want more from your classified add.

Quick Step 6: Free Offers!

If there is one secret word that works every time, its the word “FREE”. This works extremely well if something has high importance to a customer. You could advertise, try before you buy. This can come in many forms, such as videos, samples, or give aways if they buy your product and or service now.

Quick Step 7: Speak To The Individual!

This is magic. You need to make the customer feel as though you are talking to them and them alone. You need to make them feel special and that they’ve got your full attention. Speak their language on a personal level, you need to be able to connect with them. So ask yourself how customers in your niche are, how do they act, what do they do. This will give you great insight on your customer and niche. If you get stuck, check out how other classified adds for your niche have been written. Good classified adds are those in magazines for your niche, as advertisers would have done their homework and used all the advantages, skills and tips to get their add to grab the attention of their customer as these cost a lot more to place.

Remember to monitor your classified adds if you can, check how each add does, check out the titles you used and words, to see which classified adds gave you the best response. Keep a good record, because this will allow you to find tune and execute your next classified adds with precision thus saving you more time and energy, and thus making you more money.