Best Ways to Make Money Using eBay Classified Ads

EBay gets millions of people searching it’s listings every week. And these people are not regular searches; these people have their credit card in their hand and are ready to buy. They are searching for something to buy; they desperately want to find something to buy. So it makes sense that if you want to make some money then you best go to where the buyers are. But what if you have nothing to sell? Then that is where eBay Classifieds come in.

Classified Ads on eBay are a little different to regular auctions. For one thing no buying or selling takes place on eBay itself so there is no feedback left (which is a good thing with all the new feedback rules!). They work very much like a classified listing in a newspaper, you place your ad and people contact you if they are interested in what you are selling. They cost a little more to place than regular auctions (eBay US fees are $9.95 for 30 days) but since they show up alongside the regular auctions and searches they get just as much traffic.

But the beauty of using a classified ad listing is that you are able to promote other people’s products so they are an affiliate marketer’s dream.

So how do they work? Ok, let’s say that you have found a product that you’d like to promote from Clickbank. It pays $30 commission for every sale that you make. That means that you only need to sell one of these products to make a small profit from your ad. You set up your ad and make sure you target some good keywords for your title and place your details in your ad on how they can purchase it.

Sounds simple right? Well it can be however eBay have placed some rules that you need to stick to, to make sure that your ads are in full compliance. That means no direct links or opt-in boxes allowed unfortunately, but there are still ways around this by having the user contact you so make sure you place your contact details on your ad listing.

What if you only made one sale per week? – That’s definitely possible. So 4 sales over one month would equal 4 x $30 = $120. Less the $10 to place your ad so you would make $110 in profit. Not huge money, but imagine if