Successful Online Classifieds

How many times have you seen an affiliate internet marketing tip telling you to use online classifieds to promote your products and programs? How many of those tips actually gave you enough information to write a successful ad? Unfortunately, your answer to that last questions is likely none. This affiliate internet marketing tip will actually tell you how to be successful with online classifieds.

The first thing to remember about online classifieds is that you want to use sites that have a high page rank. This is because the higher the page rank, the more often that site is crawled for content, and the more likely it becomes that your ad will show up in the search engines. It is also a good indicator of how many people will be exposed to your ads.

Before writing or posting any ads to a site, check their posting guidelines and terms of service. Most classified sites do not allow certain types of products to be advertised on their site. Most sites also have policies regarding the number of ads you can post at one time, how similar ads can be, how often you can post, and how many categories you can post in.

When you write your online classified ad keep it short and sweet, but give enough information that people know what they are clicking on when they hit that link. Don’t just give a brief sales line with a picture or website link and expect people to click on it. You should also use pictures where they are available and it makes sense to use them, as ads with pictures get more traffic than those without. Don’t forget your basic internet marketing formula-introduce, sell, and call to action.