Niche Keyword Research Tips

“You’ve gotta find your niche, and dominate it.” Common advice for any wannabe internet marketer, and backed with a massive amount of truth and empirical evidence. With more and more people looking to create an online income, the marketplace for marketing ideas, SEO strategies and other affiliate marketing ideas is being turned on its head by new strategies, revolutionary new ideas, and different products shaking things up and turning the ranks around. In order to excel online now you don’t just have to master the selling side of things. Controlling traffic, creating income streams here and there, and building the SEO campaigns that drive our traffic are all parts of an internet marketing career today, and without those skillsets it’s difficult to crack a profit. Keyword research is a skill you need to master.

However, that’s not the end of it all. By applying some simple tips, tricks and tactics to your online marketing efforts, you can supercharge your online income and increase your sales by some incredible measures. Whether you want to build a small side income or create a rock star lifestyle for yourself, using these simple strategies can help you go from affiliate zero to internet master.

#1 – Use scarcity to build exclusive content.
Want to shoot to the top of the search engine rankings? Build content that attracts natural SEO, massive amounts of valuable links, and some of the most important traffic of all. By creating incredibly scarce, exclusive content, you can separate yourself from every other internet marketer and enjoy the spoils that come with being on top. Focus on creating exclusive and valuable content, and market it on it’s rarity to attract massive returns.

#2 – Partner up with other marketers.
It’s hard being an internet marketer when you haven’t got the help of your peers. By partnering with other marketers, you can gain insight and perspective on your marketing strategies that you’d otherwise never get. Not only that, you can join your expertise and experience with that of someone else, and use your different strategies and specialist knowledge to create the ultimate marketing team. Partnering doesn’t necessarily mean splitting equity and earnings, and can even become part of a entrepreneur – freelancer relationship. What matters isn’t the professional dynamic, but the results that it produces.

#3 – Use social media to create online relationships.
Want to really boost your online audience? It’s not just about creating great content. You can spend all day, every day working on the best content possible, but without the right exposure and PR press, you’ll be left without the visitors that you need. While word of mouth is the most valuable marketing currency, creating that word of mouth isn’t something that happens without some proactive effort. Save yourself the trouble of having to bulk market, and apply yourself to social media long before your content begins to take off. You’ll create a permission asset, build some valuable relationships, and supercharge your online career.

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