How to get Goolge’s Attention

The internet is a boom to consumers because there is nothing you cannot find research and buy online. It is also a pain because of the amount of similar products and websites that exist, making choosing the right one difficult. A search for nearly any product or service will throw up hundreds, and often thousands of pages of results. Most people are also far to lazy and time constrained to search through more than a fraction of the web pages that Google will locate for them. In fact, most will stop at the first page, as long as they can find what they want there. They probably know that they may find something better or more competitively priced on page 10 or page 50, or somewhere in between, but who is going to spend all that time and make the effort of searching through hundreds of results in the hope of finding something better? If they do not find what they want on page one, they will look further, but will stop as soon as they find what is suitable and look no further.

The result of this is clear. What sells online may not be the best or the most attractively priced. It may not be something with the best service, support or warranty. In all probability it will be the first website that a viewer finds that offers what he wants. If location, location, location are the three most important things in real estate, they are even more so when it comes to ecommerce. The success of a website does not depend on how good the products or services it offers are, or the pricing (although these cannot be ignored). It is how soon a person searching can find the website that determines how successful it will be. In other words, how high a site appears in search results determines its success. And the amount of money that the website owner will make.

For years everyone has lived with the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) mantra without really understanding what it means. At the basic level it means placing enough keywords on a web page to attract the attention of Google. And the greater the attention, the higher the page will appear in the results. But put in too many words and the language becomes stilted and puts off readers. Even worse, if Google feels the page is “keyword stuffed” or that spam robots have been used, the page will be kicked out of the search results. Real SEO lies in understanding how the Google search robot works and communicating with it in the same language – one it understands and can relate to.

The way to do this is by using Spider Language, the language of the Google Search Robot. The robot does not care about the product, the pricing or how good the website is. If the language used in the website is Spider Language, the robot will be attracted to it and give it a high rating, resulting in a high search result.

Anyone interested in boosting traffic to their websites and by grabbing eyeballs, increase their sales and the money they make, should seriously consider the use of Spider Language. If your website can talk to Google using Spider Language, obviously Google will be literally attracted to it and give it a high result rating.

To learn more about Spider Language, check out the free Google Spider report. Feel free to distribute this article in any form as long as you include this resource box.

Spider Language is what Google looks for in its searches. Those websites that know this and use it are those that appear on page 1 of the results. Get your site seen today.

Using Spider Language allows your website to talk to Google in the way Google likes and understands. That means high ranking and large amounts of traffic for you.
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