Pay Per Click Advertising – If You Are Not Bidding on “Buying” Keywords. You’re Missing Out!

Imagine this: Someone wants to know where they can buy the popular Clickbank product: “The 3 Week Diet.”

So they go on their computer and type into the Bing search bar: “Where can I purchase the 3 Week Diet.” At the very top of the results page they see an intriguing ad that catches their eye saying:

Buy “The 3 Week Diet” Get The 3 Week Diet $20 Off for a Limited Time Only & Start Losing Weight

Chances are VERY good that they will click this ad and make the purchase. People who are bidding on these types of keywords are making a TON of money because they put themselves in a great position to make a sale. Now, what if there was a way to create THOUSANDS of these “buying” related keyword phrases. Well, now you can..

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