Pay Per Click Advertising – If You Are Not Bidding on “Buying” Keywords. You’re Missing Out!

Imagine this: Someone wants to know where they can buy the popular Clickbank product: “The 3 Week Diet.” So they go on their computer and type into the Bing search bar: “Where can I purchase the 3 Week Diet.” At the very top of the results page they see an intriguing ad that catches their […]

Dominate your Facebook News Feed for FREE!

Have you noticed that less and less of your Facebook content actually makes it to your fans? It’s not your fault. Facebook is doing it to you on purpose! They want you to pay them advertising fee to do something they used to do for free! I have a solution for you! Want more reach, […]

Successful Online Classifieds

How many times have you seen an affiliate internet marketing tip telling you to use online classifieds to promote your products and programs? How many of those tips actually gave you enough information to write a successful ad? Unfortunately, your answer to that last questions is likely none. This affiliate internet marketing tip will actually […]

Make Money Online Just by Placing Free Classified Ads

While it may seem like some type of internet marketing scam, the answer is a resounding yes, you can make money online simply by placing free classified ads. Following is how and why. Why You Can Make Money Online Placing Free Classified Ads Put simply, this type of advertising is a direct line from product/service […]

Quick Steps on How to Write Money Making Ads

Grasping the fundamentals for writing a classified ad, affiliates, and moving on from there and experimenting with what works best for your product, service and niche that you’re in, takes a bit of time practice and monitoring. With the 7 quick steps below however, this will give you an excellent head start. Quick Step 1: […]